Onkyo M-510 Grand Integra Power Amplifier

Posted By: VintageChief

Very rare high end Onkyo M-510 Grand Integra stereo power amplifier (production number 5). This rare piece is one of the most desirable, exclusive and rare power amplifiers ever made. The M-510 Grand Integra delivers 300 watts per channel (8 ohm), weighs 63 KG and is equipped with a pair of big illuminated VU-meters.

JVC VS-5342 Speakers

Posted By: VintageChief

Very rare vintage JVC VS-5342 speakers with the original speaker grills. The JVC VS-5342 is a 4-way speaker system with a RCA LS-1 style woofer, a horn speaker for the mid range and 2 tweeters.

Paradigm Reference Monitor 7v5 Speakers

Posted By: VintageChief

Matching pair high end Paradigm Reference Monitor 7v5 speakers in the cherry color.

How To Stream Music To Your Existing Hi-Fi System

Posted By: VintageChief

If you already have an amplifier and speakers, connecting a wireless audio adapter to your existing Hi-Fi system is an easy way to stream music from your phone, tablet or computer.

How To Connect A Turntable To An Amplifier

Posted By: VintageChief

If your amplifier has a phono input, you can connect your turntable with Moving Magnet (MM) cartridge directly to your amplifier. When your amplifier does not have a phono input, you will need to place a phono preamp between the turntable and an amplifier line input.

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