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BASF D-6510 Preamplifier
€ 199.00 Ex Tax: € 199.00

Product:Compact vintage BASF D-6510 stereo preamplifier.The BASF D-6510 preamplifier features include a phono input and tone control.Condition:Te..

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Denon UTP-250 Preamplifier Tuner
€ 169.00€ 129.00 Ex Tax: € 129.00

Product:Denon UTP-250 stereo preamplifier and tuner.The Denon UTP-250 features include a phono input and tone control.Condition:Technical condition: D..

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Harman Kardon HK825 Preamplifier
€ 749.00 Ex Tax: € 749.00

Product:Serviced audiophile Harman Kardon HK825 stereo preamplifier in the champagne finish (1983 - 1986).The Harman Kardon HK 825 preamplifier featur..

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Ion Systems Nexus SP1 Preamplifier + X-Pak 2 Power Supply
€ 649.00 Ex Tax: € 649.00

Product:High-end vintage Ion Systems Nexus SP1 stereo preamplifier with the X-Pak 2 power supplyThe Ion Systems Nexus SP1 is designed by Richard Hay (..

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JK Acoustics Passive 5 Preamplifier
€ 749.00 Ex Tax: € 749.00

Product:High end JK Acoustics Passive 5 straight line stereo preamplifier including the original external power supply.The JK Acoustics Passive 5 prea..

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Linn Pretek Amplifier
€ 499.00 Ex Tax: € 499.00

Product:High end Linn Pretek stereo preamplifier (1990 - 1992).The Linn Pretek preamplifier features include a phono MM / MC input (switch selected).C..

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Luxman C-300 Preamplifier
€ 999.00 Ex Tax: € 999.00

Product:High end vintage Luxman C-300 stereo preamplifier.The Luxman C-300 preamplifier features include a phono input (MM and MC) and tone control.Co..

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Musical Fidelity X-Pre Tube Preamplifier
€ 349.00 Ex Tax: € 349.00

Product:Classic high end Musical Fidelity X-Pre stereo tube preamplifier.The Musical Fidelity X-Pre features 2 ECC88 tubes and 4 line inputs.Including..

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Myryad T-50 Preamplifier-Processor
€ 299.00 Ex Tax: € 299.00

Product:High end Myryad T-50 preamplifier-processor.The Myryad T-50 features stereo and 5.1 surround modes (Dolby Pro Logic).Including:- Power cableCo..

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NAD 1240 Preamplifier
€ 349.00 Ex Tax: € 349.00

Product:Audiophile vintage NAD 1240 stereo preamplifier.The NAD 1240 preamp features a phono stage (MM / MC) and tone control.Condition:Technical cond..

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NAD 1600 Monitor Series Preamplifier Tuner
€ 399.00 Ex Tax: € 399.00

Product:Audiophile vintage NAD 1600 Monitor Series preamplifier tuner 1600 (1988).The NAD 1600 preamplifier tuner features include tone control, a bui..

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Naim NAC 112 Preamplifier
€ 599.00 Ex Tax: € 599.00

Product:High end Naim NAC 112 stereo preamplifier including the original Naim remote control.Including:- Original Naim remote controlCondition:Technic..

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Onkyo P-8000 Preamplifier
€ 449.00 Ex Tax: € 449.00

Product:Vintage Onkyo P-8000 stereo preamplifier.The Onkyo P-8000 preamplifier features include tone control and a phono stage. The P-8000 preamplifie..

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Philips 22AH280 Preamplifier
€ 549.00 Ex Tax: € 549.00

Product:High end vintage Philips 22AH280 stereo preamplifier.The Philips 22AH280 preamplifier features include tone control and a phono input.Conditio..

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Quad 33 Preamplifier
€ 279.00€ 249.00 Ex Tax: € 249.00

Product:Serviced audiophile vintage Quad 33 stereo preamplifier the phono and the tape module.The Quad 33 preamplifier features include tone control, ..

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