JVC 4MM-1000 4 Channel Receiver
€ 1,149.00 Ex Tax: € 1,149.00

Product:Classic and serviced JVC 4MM-1000 FM / AM 4 channel receiver with beautiful wooden case and illuminated round dials for the tuner scale and ba..

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JVC AX-R437 Amplifier
€ 199.00 Ex Tax: € 199.00

Product:JVC AX-R437 Dynamic Super A integrated stereo amplifier in the titanium finish.The JVC-AX-R437 amplifier delivers 65 watts per channel (8 ohm)..

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JVC JA-S71 Amplifier
€ 349.00 Ex Tax: € 349.00

Product:Defective high end vintage JVC JA-S71 integrated stereo amplifier (1976).The JVC JA-S71 amplifier delivers 80 watts per channel (8 ohm).Condit..

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JVC JR-S201 Receiver
€ 279.00 Ex Tax: € 279.00

Product:Big vintage JVC JR-S201 FM / AM stereo receiver (1978).The JVC JR-S201 receiver is 50 cm width and features include a phono input and a b..

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JVC JT-V31 FM / AM Tuner
€ 119.00 Ex Tax: € 119.00

Product:Vintage JVC JT-V31 FM AM tuner (1975 - 1978).The JVC JT-V31 tuner matches the JVC JA-S31 integrated stereo amplifier.Condition:Technical condi..

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JVC VR-5501 Receiver
€ 349.00 Ex Tax: € 349.00

Product:Serviced vintage JVC VR-5501 FM / AM stereo receiver with beautiful wooden case and illuminated tuner scale (1977).The JVC VR-5501 receiv..

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Nivico (JVC) BLA-104E Speakers
€ 149.00 Ex Tax: € 149.00

Product:Matching pair of compact vintage Nivico (JVC) BLA-104E speakers with beautiful wooden case.The Nivico (JVC) BLA-104E is a 2-way speaker s..

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