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VintageChief sells pre-owned receivers from especially the 70's, 80's and 90's in all price ranges. We always have an interesting selection of vintage receivers for sale. Buy the receiver that meets your criteria in brand, quality, features, design, dimensions and budget. 

Historical fact: In 1978 Sansui introduced the Sansui G-33000 stereo receiver (300 watts per channel, 45.4 kg). The G-33000 is the largest pure-power receiver manufactured by Sansui, it was so big they had to build it in two pieces.

Sansui Solid State 800 Receiver
€ 449.00 Ex Tax: € 449.00

Product:Serviced vintage Sansui Solid State 800 FM / AM stereo receiver (1968 - 1971) including the original information sheet.The Sansui Solid State ..

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Setton RS-220 Receiver
€ 499.00 Ex Tax: € 499.00

Product:Rare vintage Setton RS-220 FM / AM stereo receiver with wooden case (1977).The Setton RS-220 is a big receiver (54 cm width) and delivers 40 w..

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Sony STR-6036A Receiver
€ 250.00 Ex Tax: € 250.00

Product:Vintage Sony STR-6036A FM / AM stereo receiver with wooden case (1973 -1974).The Sony STR-6036A receiver delivers 15 watts per channel (8..

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Sony STR-GX5ESII Receiver
€ 249.00 Ex Tax: € 249.00

Product:Audiophile Sony STR-GX5ESII FM / AM stereo receiver (1988).The Sony Sony STR-GX5ESII receiver delivers 80 watts per channel (8 ohm) and f..

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Yamaha CR-400 Receiver
€ 269.00 Ex Tax: € 269.00

Product:Vintage Yamaha CR-400 stereo receiver with beautiful wooden case.The Yamaha CR-400 delivers 16 watts per channel (8 ohm) and features inc..

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Yamaha CR-420 Receiver
€ 275.00 Ex Tax: € 275.00

Product:Vintage Yamaha CR-420 stereo receiver with wooden case  in the rare black color (1977 - 1980). The Yamaha CR-420 delivers 22 watts per ch..

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Yamaha CR-820 Receiver
€ 599.00 Ex Tax: € 599.00

Product:Serviced audiophile vintage Yamaha CR-820 FM / AM natural sound stereo receiver with beautiful wooden case (1977 - 1980).The Yamaha CR-820&nbs..

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Yamaha RX-V10 Receiver
€ 199.00 Ex Tax: € 199.00

Product:Compact audiophile Yamaha RX-V10 FM / AM natural sound stereo receiver in the titanium finish and including the original remote control.The Ya..

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Yamaha RX-V10MKII Receiver
€ 199.00 Ex Tax: € 199.00

Product:Compact audiophile Yamaha RX-V10MKII FM / AM natural sound av receiver in the titanium color.The Yamaha RX-V10MKII receiver features incl..

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Yamaha RX-V620RDS Receiver
€ 79.00 Ex Tax: € 79.00

Product:Defective Yamaha Natural Sound AV Receiver RX-V620RDS.The Yamaha RX-V620RDS receiver features include RDS, Cinema DSP, Dolby Digital, DTS and ..

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