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Akai AM-2400 Amplifier
€ 279.00 Ex Tax: € 279.00

Product:Vintage Akai AM-2400 integrated stereo amplifier with wooden case (1976 - 1979).The Akai AM-2400 amplifier delivers 40 watts per channel (8 oh..

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Bowers & Wilkins DM100i Speakers
€ 249.00 Ex Tax: € 249.00

Product:Matched pair of audiophile vintage Bowers & Wilkins DM100i speakers in the American Walnut finish.Condition:Technical condition: 10 / 10Co..

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JVC 4MM-1000 4 Channel Receiver
€ 999.00 Ex Tax: € 999.00

Product:Classic and serviced JVC 4MM-1000 FM / AM 4 channel receiver with beautiful wooden case and illuminated round dials for the tuner scale and ba..

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JVC Nivico 1695U Tape Recorder
€ 199.00 Ex Tax: € 199.00

Product:Rare defective vintage JVC Nivico 1695U tape recorder with illuminated VU meters and a wooden case.Condition:Technical condition: Defective (f..

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JVC SK-33 Speakers
€ 179.00 Ex Tax: € 179.00

Product:Vintage pair JVC SK-33 speakers with wooden case and including the original speaker grills (1976 - 1978).Including:- Original JVC SK-33 speake..

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JVC VR-5501 Receiver
€ 349.00 Ex Tax: € 349.00

Product:Serviced vintage JVC VR-5501 FM / AM stereo receiver with beautiful wooden case and illuminated tuner scale (1977).The JVC VR-5501 receiv..

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KEF C60 Speakers
€ 299.00 Ex Tax: € 299.00

Product:Matched pair of audiophile vintage KEF C60 speakers (SP3056) with wooden case and the original speaker grills.The KEF C60 speakers are eq..

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Kenwood KL-220 Speakers
€ 149.00 Ex Tax: € 149.00

Product:Vintage pair of Kenwood KL-220 speakers with wooden case.The Kenwood KL-220 is a two-way two-speaker system that is manufactured by Trio Elect..

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Kenwood KR-4140 Receiver
€ 299.00 Ex Tax: € 299.00

Product:Serviced vintage Kenwood KR-4140 FM / AM stereo receiver with beautiful wooden case (1970).The Kenwood KR-4140 delivers 18 watts per channel (..

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L&G R3800 Receiver
€ 449.00 Ex Tax: € 449.00

Product:Serviced vintage L&G (Luxman) R3800 FM / AM stereo receiver with wooden case.The L&G R3800 is a big receiver (48.5 cm width) and deliv..

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Luxman M-150 Power Amplifier
€ 1,949.00 Ex Tax: € 1,949.00

Product:Vintage high end Luxman M-150 stereo power amplifier with beautiful wooden case (1974 - 1975).The Luxman M-150 power amplifier delivers 7..

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Luxman M-1600 Power Amplifier
€ 1,849.00 Ex Tax: € 1,849.00

Product:Vintage high end Luxman M-1600 stereo power amplifier with wooden case.The Luxman M-1600 power amplifier delivers 80 watts per channel (8 ohm)..

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Luxman R-1030 Receiver
€ 299.00 Ex Tax: € 299.00

Product:Vintage Luxman R-1030 FM / AM stereo receiver with wooden case.The Luxman R-1030 receiver delivers 30 watts per channel (8 ohm) and features i..

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Luxman R-1500E Receiver
€ 1,499.00 Ex Tax: € 1,499.00

Product:Serviced vintage Luxman R-1500E FM / AM stereo receiver with wooden case (1975 - 1978).The Luxman R-1500E receiver measures 52 cm in width and..

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Luxman R-800S Receiver
€ 549.00 Ex Tax: € 549.00

Product:Big vintage Luxman R-800S FM / AM stereo receiver with wooden case (1975 - 1977).The Luxman R-800S (48 cm width) delivers 40 watts per channel..

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