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Accuphase E-302 Amplifier
€ 2,249.00 Ex Tax: € 2,249.00

Product:High end vintage Accuphase E-302 integrated stereo amplifier including the original manual.The Accuphase E-302 amplifier delivers 120 watts pe..

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Accuphase E-303 Amplifier
€ 3,499.00 Ex Tax: € 3,499.00

Product:High end vintage Accuphase E-303 integrated stereo amplifier with beautiful illuminated VU meters.The Accuphase E-303 amplifier delivers 130 w..

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Accuphase E-305 Amplifier
€ 2,999.00€ 2,499.00 Ex Tax: € 2,499.00

Product:High end serviced Accuphase E-305 integrated stereo amplifier with beautiful illuminated VU-meters and including the original manual.The Accup..

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Arcam Alpha 7 CD Player
€ 299.00 Ex Tax: € 299.00

Product:High end Arcam Alpha 7 CD player including the original remote control and manual.The Arcam Alpha 7 CD player features include analogue a..

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Arcam Delta 170 CD Transport
€ 479.00€ 399.00 Ex Tax: € 399.00

Product:High end Arcam Delta 170 CD transport.The Arcam Delta 170 CD transport features the Philips CDM-1 MKII CD mechanism and 2 digital outputs (coa..

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Audio Note AN-V Interlink
€ 349.00 Ex Tax: € 349.00

Product:High end Audio Note AN-V 99.9% pure silver interlink (+/- 45 cm) with Bullet Plugs.Condition:Technical condition: 10 / 10Cosmetic condition: 9..

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Bowers & Wilkins CDM1 SE Special Edition Speakers
€ 479.00€ 379.00 Ex Tax: € 379.00

Product:Matched pair high end Bowers & Wilkins CDM1 SE Special Edition speakers with the original speaker grills.The Bowers & Wilkins CDM1 Spe..

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Camtech 8000C Preamplifier
€ 399.00€ 349.00 Ex Tax: € 349.00

Product:High end vintage Camtech 8000C stereo preamplifier.The Camtech 8000C preamplifier features a phono stage (MM / MC) and tone control.Including:..

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Denon DL-110 MC Phono Cartridge + Stylus
€ 200.00 Ex Tax: € 200.00

Product:High end Denon DL-110 MC (Moving Coil) phono cartridge with stylus. 100 % working and tested.Condition:Technical condition: 10 / 10Cosmetic co..

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Ion Systems Nexus SP1 Preamplifier + X-Pak 2 Power Supply
€ 599.00€ 499.00 Ex Tax: € 499.00

Product:High-end vintage Ion Systems Nexus SP1 stereo preamplifier with the X-Pak 2 power supplyThe Ion Systems Nexus SP1 is designed by Richard Hay (..

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JK Acoustics Passive 5 Preamplifier
€ 749.00 Ex Tax: € 749.00

Product:High end JK Acoustics Passive 5 straight line stereo preamplifier including the original external power supply.The JK Acoustics Passive 5 prea..

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KEF Q15 Speakers
€ 279.00 Ex Tax: € 279.00

Product:Matched pair of audiophile KEF Q15 speakers in the mahogany finish and including the original speaker grills.The KEF Q15 is a compact 2-way st..

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Kenwood KA-6004 Amplifier
€ 399.00 Ex Tax: € 399.00

Product:Rare vintage Kenwood KA-6004 integrated stereo amplifier.The Kenwood KA-6004 delivers 40 watts per channel (8 ohm) and features include tone c..

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Kenwood KD-770B Turntable
€ 449.00 Ex Tax: € 449.00

Product:Very rare fully automatic vintage Kenwood KD-770B direct drive turntable.The Kenwood KD-770B turntable comes the original dust cover and ..

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Linn Intek Amplifier
€ 499.00 Ex Tax: € 499.00

Product:High end Linn Intek integrated stereo amplifier.The Linn Intek amplifier delivers 50 watts per channel (8 ohm) and features include a phono st..

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