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Philips 22AH370 Power Amplifier
€ 399.00 Ex Tax: € 399.00

Product:Audiophile vintage Philips 22AH370 stereo power amplifier (1979).The Philips 22AH370 power amplifier delivers 60 watts per channel (8 ohm) and..

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Philips 22RH443/11R Speakers
€ 99.00 Ex Tax: € 99.00

Product:Vintage Philips 22RH443/11R speakers with the Philips AD8061/W4 woofer and the Philips AD0140T4 tweeter.Including:- Speaker cable with 2 Pin D..

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Philips CD620 CD Player
€ 79.00 Ex Tax: € 79.00

Product:Defective vintage Philips CD620 CD player.The Philips CD620 CD player features the Philips CDM-4/19 CD mechanism and the Philips TDA1541A..

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Philips CD960 CD Player
€ 1,049.00 Ex Tax: € 1,049.00

Product:High end Philips CD960 CD player.The Philips CD960 CD player features the Philips CDM-1 CD mechanism and the Philips TDA1541 D/A converter.Inc..

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Philips EQ290 Equalizer
€ 129.00 Ex Tax: € 129.00

Product:Philips EQ290 10 band stereo graphic equalizer.The Philips EQ290 equalizer features include built-in red LED indicators.Condition:Technic..

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Philips FA-880 Amplifier
€ 349.00 Ex Tax: € 349.00

Product:Serviced audiophile Philips FA-880 integrated stereo amplifier (1988 - 1989).The Philips FA-880 amplifier delivers 80 watts per chan..

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Pioneer A-335 Amplifier
€ 139.00 Ex Tax: € 139.00

Product:Black Pioneer A-335 integrated stereo amplifierThe Pioneer A-335 amplifier delivers 40 watts per channel (8 ohm) and features include tone con..

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Pioneer A-616 Mark II Reference Amplifier
€ 499.00 Ex Tax: € 499.00

Product:High end Pioneer A-616 Mark II Reference integrated stereo amplifier.The Pioneer A-616 Mark II Reference amplifier delivers 80 watts per ..

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Pioneer A-656 Reference Amplifier
€ 449.00 Ex Tax: € 449.00

Product:High end Pioneer A-656 Reference integrated stereo amplifier including the original manual (1989 - 1990).The Pioneer A-656 Reference amplifier..

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Pioneer F-445L FM / AM Tuner
€ 119.00 Ex Tax: € 119.00

Product:Audiophile Pioneer F-445L FM / AM tuner.The Pioneer F-445L tuner features include 24 presets.Condition:Technical condition: 10 / 10Cosmet..

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Pioneer GR-331 Equalizer
€ 129.00 Ex Tax: € 129.00

Product:Pioneer GR-331 7 band stereo graphic equalizer.The Pioneer GR-331 equalizer features include built-in orange LED indicators.Condition:Technica..

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Pioneer GR-560 Equalizer
€ 149.00 Ex Tax: € 149.00

Product:Vintage Pioneer GR-560 7 band stereo graphic equalizer.The Pioneer GR-560 equalizer features include built-in orange LED indicators.Condition:..

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Pioneer SX-20 Receiver
€ 199.00 Ex Tax: € 199.00

Product:Pioneer SX-20 FM / AM stereo receiver in the black finish including the original remote control (2012 - 2017).The Pioneer SX-20 receiver ..

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Realistic 31-9080 Equalizer
€ 129.00 Ex Tax: € 129.00

Product:Vintage Realistic 31-9080 10 band stereo equalizer with IMX stereo expander.Condition:Technical condition: 10 / 10Cosmetic condition: 8.5 / 10..

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Rotel RA-820AX Amplifier
€ 219.00 Ex Tax: € 219.00

Product:Vintage audiophile Rotel RA-820AX integrated stereo amplifier (1989).The Rotel RA-820AX delivers 30 watts per channel and features include ton..

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