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Denon DR-170 Cassette Deck
€ 30.00 Ex Tax: € 30.00

Product:Defective Denon DR-170 cassette deck (1983).Condition:Technical condition: Defective (for parts or repair)Cosmetic condition: 7 / 10Electric p..

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Harman Kardon HK825 Preamplifier
€ 749.00 Ex Tax: € 749.00

Product:Serviced audiophile Harman Kardon HK825 stereo preamplifier in the champagne finish (1983 - 1986).The Harman Kardon HK 825 preamplifier featur..

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NAD 5120 Turntable
€ 399.00 Ex Tax: € 399.00

Product:Audiophile vintage NAD 5120 semi automatic belt drive turntable (1983 - 1992).The NAD NAD 5120 turntable comes with the original dust cov..

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Nakamichi BX-2 Cassette Deck
€ 129.00 Ex Tax: € 129.00

Product:Defective vintage Nakamichi BX-2 cassette deck including the original manual (1982 - 1983).The Nakamichi BX-2 is a 2-head cassette deck and fe..

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Philips CD100 CD Player
€ 1,249.00 Ex Tax: € 1,249.00

Product:Fully recapped classic vintage Philips CD100 CD player (1983 - 1984).The Philips CD100 CD player is Philips' first commercial CD player and fe..

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Philips CD202 CD Player
€ 499.00 Ex Tax: € 499.00

Product:Classic vintage Philips CD202 toploader CD player (serviced).The Philips CD202 features the famous Philips CDM-0 CD mechanism.Condition:Techni..

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Philips CD303 CD Player
€ 799.00 Ex Tax: € 799.00

Product:Classic vintage Philips CD303 CD player (1983 - 1984).The Philips CD303 features the famous Philips CDM-0 CD mechanism.Condition:Technical con..

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Sansui RG-707 Equalizer
€ 189.00 Ex Tax: € 189.00

Product:Vintage Sansui RG-707 stereo graphic equalizer consolette (1983) in the silver finish.The Sansui RG-707 features a 7-band equalizer for source..

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