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Cassette Decks

VintageChief sells pre-owned cassette decks from especially the 70's, 80's and 90's in all price ranges. We always have an interesting selection of vintage cassette decks for sale. Buy the cassette deck that meets your criteria in brand, quality, features, design, dimensions and budget. 

Historical fact: In 1982 Nakamichi introduced the Nakamichi Dragon, it is known as one of the best cassette decks ever made.

Nakamichi LX-3 Cassette Deck
€ 299.00 Ex Tax: € 299.00

Product:Defective vintage Nakamichi LX-3 cassette deck (1981 - 1982).Condition:Technical condition: Defective (for parts or repair)Cosmetic condition:..

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Pioneer CT-506 Cassette Deck
€ 99.00 Ex Tax: € 99.00

Product:Defective vintage Pioneer CT-506 cassette deck (1978 - 1980).The Pioneer CT-506 features a pair of VU-meters and Dolby B noise reduction.Condi..

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Rotel RD-955AX Cassette Deck
€ 149.00 Ex Tax: € 149.00

Product:Audiophile Rotel RD-955AX cassette deck.The Rotel RD-955AX cassette deck features include Dolby B and C noise reduction and Dolby HX Pro.Condi..

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Sansui D-350M Cassette Deck
€ 399.00 Ex Tax: € 399.00

Product:Audiophile vintage Sansui D-350M direct drive cassette deck in the black finish (1981).The Sansui D-350M is a 2-head cassette deck and feature..

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Yamaha K-222 Cassette Deck
€ 29.00 Ex Tax: € 29.00

Product:Defective Yamaha K-222 double cassette deck.Condition:Technical condition: Defective (for parts or repair)Cosmetic condition: 8 / 10Electric p..

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Yamaha KX-393 Cassette Deck
€ 199.00€ 179.00 Ex Tax: € 179.00

Product:Yamaha KX-393 cassette deck in the black finish.The Yamaha KX-393 cassette deck features Dolby B, Dolby C and HX Pro noise reduction.Condition..

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